GHS (VSD+) Oil-Sealed Screw Pumps

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Energy Efficient, Oil-free
Air Blower

Clean. Silent. Energy-efficient. The Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ reduces energy costs by an average of 50% while increasing production efficiency.

The GHS VSD+ series of vacuum pumps are ideal for a range of applications in plastics, glass, bottling, canning, wood, packaging, printing and paper, meat packaging and many more. The GHS 350-900 VSD+ is the ideal solution for dedicated pumps in the production area. The GHS 1300-5400 VSD+ can also function as a dedicated solution, though it is most often in the utility room of central vacuum system applications.

GHS (VSD)+ Oil-free Screw Pumps

GHS 5400 VSD+ Oil-sealed Screw Pump
Atlas Copco GHS 730 VSD+ Oil-sealed Screw Pump

Product Features


An innovative oil retention design keeps oil at <3 mg/m³, even under the toughest load, and provides optimal exhausted air quality.


Hot and cool zone isolation assures perfect cooling and long life of electronic components. The screw element’s longer life increases the time between maintenance.


GHS VSD+ delivers required flow without surplus. It wastes no energy with tate-of-the-art screw technology that drives a IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor.


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