Air Compressors | Vacuum Pump Systems | Air Treatment Systems

Air Compressors

Mesa offers standard, custom and engineer-designed air compressor solutions for low, medium and high pressure applications.

Contact Mesa's Engineered Systems Team to learn more about the complete range of oil-lubricated and oil-free air industrial compressors that can be designed to fit your industry or application including marine, railway and medical use needs. 

Vacuum Pump Systems

Mesa provides standard and custom vacuum pump systems designed to remove gases in an enclosed space in order to create a vacuum. Industry applications include pharmaceutical, oil & gas, food & beverage processing, power generation and many others.

Contact Mesa's Engineered Systems Team to learn more about the complete range of rotary vane, articulated piston, screw, liquid ring and claw vacuum pump systems available for your industry application. 

Air Treatment Systems

Mesa's air treatment systems are designed to clean, filter and purify air within industrial and public buildings, apartment houses, farm buildings and installations, transportation vessels (railroad cars, river and oceangoing ships, and airplanes), and spacecraft. 

Contact Mesa's Engineered Systems Team to learn more about the complete range of air treatment systems to determine which air treatment products are right for your industry or application use. 


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If you have questions or need service for a complete custom engineered system for your business, please contact:


ALBUQUERQUE (505.345.0284): Richard Morning Gunn (Sales) | Rick Moya (Sales) | Scott Seybert (Technical Support)

EL PASO (915.594.1414): Daniel de la Rosa (Sales)


ALBUQUERQUE (505.345.0284): John Stratmeyer (Service Manager) | Steve Brown (Parts Manager)

EL PASO (915.594.1414): Fernie Lopez (Parts & Service)


Contact us to learn more about how Air Compressors, Vacuum Pump Systems and Air Treatment Systems may benefit your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in determining the right solution for your industry or application needs. You may also click the logos below to learn more about specific product models offered by these manufacturers who Mesa is an authorized dealer for in our Engineered Systems division.


Mesa Equipment & Supply Company offers a limited selection of online products for Atlas Copco and Quincy Air Compressors, Vacuum Pump Systems and Air Treatment Systems.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco in the United States handles the sales and service of industrial gas and air compressors, dryers and filters, compressor parts and service, and vacuum pumps; construction and demolition tools including mobile compressors, pumps, light towers and generators, excavator attachments, handheld tools, compaction and road construction equipment; Industrial electric, pneumatic, cordless transducerized assembly tools, alongside an extensive range of pneumatic grinders, sanders, drills, chipping hammers and riveting systems, and mining equipment.

Quincy Compressor

When a tough application calls for a tough air compressor system, Quincy Compressor answers with True Blue reliability and some of the industry’s strongest warranties. Engineered to last for decades of heavy use and manufactured with durability in mind, Quincy’s lineup offers tough, tougher and ruggedly efficient air compressors supported by an assortment of control, accessory and air treatment options.

Mesa Equipment & Supply Company also represents these fine manufacturers:


Planning for Future Plant Expansions

Have you ever thought about the importance of planning for the future? Maybe you’re planning to buy a new car, go on vacation or renovate the house. These future plans probably have you thinking about a timeline and the costs associated with each endeavor. In the same way you’re anticipating future social and economic needs, it’s also important to start planning for plant expansions to save time, money and headaches.


Best Practices for Selecting Piping and Accessories

Pressure losses due to inadequate piping and accessories will result in increased energy costs, variations in system pressure and adverse effects on production. Therefore, it’s important to keep these tips in mind when selecting piping and accessories.


Reducing Pressure Drop in Your Compressed Air System

Pressure drop is used to characterize the reduction in air pressure from the compressor discharge to the actual point of use. Pressure drop occurs as the compressed air travels through the treatment and distribution system. A properly designed system should have a pressure loss of less than 10 percent of the compressor’s discharge pressure, measured from the receiver tank output to the point of use.