Preventative Maintenance - Rotary Screw & Reciprocating Air Compressors | 
Vacuum Pump Systems

For further information contact your local Mesa branch:

Albuquerque NM:  Email John Stratmeyer (Service Manager) or Steve Brown (Parts & Service) | Phone: 505.345.0284
El Paso TX: Email Dan Corona 
(Service Manager) | Phone: 915.594.1414

A Certified Technician can perform the following:

  • Take temperature and pressure readings.
  • Measure motor operating voltage and amperage draw.
  • Inspect inlet filter element.
  • Check for air, oil & water leaks.Check regulation valve.
  • Check V-Belts, cooler, seals and moisture traps.
  • Check loading and unloading operation.
  • Oil & filters will be selected on specific operating conditions and a written report provided upon completion of maintenance.

At Mesa Equipment we have built our business from the service department on up. Service is our passion and we know that when you hire a service provider you have the right to expect timely, expert, and professional results. 

Our people, systems, and training are focused to deliver results that maximize up time and minimize your down time. Mesa Equipment’s dedication to quality customer service is second to none. Mesa Equipment boasts the largest and best equipped service department in the region, featuring our in house engineering department and dedicated field service technicians. 

Our Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • The largest and most highly trained field service staff in the region
  • Faster response to your emergencies 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Parts and services on all models
  • Shop Services: Our fully equipped Factory Authorized Repair Facility and Techs can overhaul and recondition your equipment
  • Air Engineering Service
  • Air System Inspections and Audits

Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs available for your convenience

Preventative maintenance provided by our Skilled Service Techs can significantly reduce the cost of running your air compressor systems. Rely on our promise to provide unparalleled aftermarket support  every customer, every time!

  • Parts and services on all models
  • Quick delivery for fast results
  • Just one call to a toll-free number for all you parts and service needs
  • Compressors
  • Vacuum systems
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Modular piping systems
  • Filtration units and elements
  • Quality Lubricants

Mesa Systems Auditing Service

We will identify issues that are costing you money.

  • Mesa System Auditing Service will scientifically show you why your compressed air system is not meeting production demand.
  • Identifying compressed air supply improvements requires mathematical calculations.
  • Showing you where and how to improve the efficiency of your total air system requires a highly skilled technician.
  • Mesa Systems Auditing Service does more than simply  identify your compressed air related problems.